Kindergarten Readiness

How To Help Your Child Succeed in Kindergarten


1. Read at least one book to your child every day.
The most successful readers in school are those who read at home!

2. Talk about letters and numbers every day.
Point out letters and numbers.
Help them count objects.

3. Make sure your child has fine motor skills.
Practice cutting with scissors.
Practice holding a pencil correctly.
Practice writing their name.

4. Practice being independent.
Have them to go to the bathroom without help.
Encourage them to problem solve and do tasks by themselves.

5. Establish a bedtime routine.
Children at this age need 10-12 hours of sleep every night.

6. Talk to them about school.
If they know that you think school is important, they will, too.
Ask them about their day and the things they are doing in school.