Title I Parent Resources

Provided below are different parent resources that will help aide you in assisting your child throughout their educational career. Please be sure to review your child's teacher's websites for additional resources and information regarding Hamilton Elementary's Title One program.


                         Hamilton Elementary's Parent Compact

The Parent Compact details how Hamilton Elementary's staff and the students will share the responsibility for improved student academic achievement and the means by which Hamilton Elementary and the parents of each student will build and develop a partnership that will help children achieve excellence. Please take the time to review Hamilton Elementary's Parent Compact.

Hamilton Elementary's  Family School Policy

Although parents/guardians may be diverse in culture, language, resources and needs, all share the school's commitment to the educational success of their children. Hamilton Elementary School recognizes its responsibility to help eliminate barriers that impede family involvement and to create an environment supportive of comprehensive family involvement programs that have been developed in collaboration with parents/guardians. Therefore, this policy shall establish programs and practices that reflect the specific resources and needs of Hamilton Elementary School and their families. Please take time to review Hamilton Elementary's Family School Policy to understand the buildings vision, purpose, and expectations related to the Title One program.

Parent's Guide to Student Success: Look at what your child will be learning this school year.

Student Code of Conduct/Handbook: This will help you be aware of our district routines and expectations

School Board Policies: This link will provide you with direct access to our school board policies around title one

Building Goals: Click here  to learn about Hamilton's building goals 

Right to Request Teacher Qualification: Click here to learn about how to request teacher's qualifications

District Family Involvement Policy: Click here to learn about our district family involvement policy 

SPAC (State Parent Advisory Council) Website: Click here to learn more about the state parent advisory council 

Parent Resource Permission Slip - Click here for a permission clip to borrow books, games, and activities from our Family Resource Center that you can work on with your child to reinforce what he or she is learning in school.